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Application and maintenance of twist drill bit

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Application and maintenance of twist drill bit

Twist drill bits (also known as twisted bits) are the most widely used of all bit types; They can cut anything from wood and plastic to steel and concrete. They are most commonly used in metal cutting, so they are usually made of M2 high speed steel. With diameters up to about 1/2", twist drill bits are not only the least expensive of all the drill bits available to a woodworker, but they offer the widest selection of sizes. Although they are designed for cutting metal, they work well in wood if sharp. This means they are not used to cut hard materials such as steel.

The following is the content of this article

Application of drill bits of different materials

Maintenance of twist drill bit

Application of drill bits of different materials

In what ways are twist drill bits usually used? First of all, twist drill bits can be used for light metals, wood, plastics, metals, ceramics and masonry. Secondly, it is suitable for metal, wood or ceramic home repair, maintenance and construction projects. What’s more? It is the most common household drill bit.

For different materials, we can choose different bits to improve efficiency and quality. For example, full ground drill bits are usually used for aluminum profiles, and HSS straight shank drill bits are usually used for plastics. When cutting metal, we can replace it with HSS Jobber drill bit, which is designed for drilling metal holes. Its shiny bits help increase chip flow of soft materials. The length of the sliders used for each bit is variable, determined by the specific bit diameter, providing an optimal balance between overall bit stiffness and depth capabilities for each bit diameter. For stainless steel, we typically use HSS taper drill bits, whose heavy-duty spiral groove design produces faster chip eject, and a shorter cutting lip reduces the torque of drilling in high tensile strength materials.

Maintenance of twist drill bit

In addition to the selection of drill is very important, twist drill bits for the maintenance of drill is also a point of attention.

Most bit sets are sold in boxes with room to hold each bit in place. Such as power tool accessories in the HSS extra long drill bit. This prevents the bit from being scratched or scratched, and also provides excellent organization. Each point is labeled with bit size and type to make it easy and quick to find the right bit for the project you are completing. If your kit does not come with a case, or if you have been buying individual bits, add a storage case with a divider line to the kit. Do not store more than two bits together, and use permanent markers to mark the size and type of bits stored in each space.

When the project is complete, allow the bit to cool down. Wipe the drill bit and drill with a clean, dry towel or cleaning cloth. Use a clean, dry toothbrush to remove any shavings or other debris that may be sticking to the tool. Gently apply the machine oil with a paper towel or microfiber cloth and let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe off any excess oil with a new paper towel. Check drill bits for any extensive damage and remove damaged bits from the kit, so they can be replaced. Return the drill to the box and store in a cool, dry place.

Based on the above understanding and maintenance steps, I believe you can better use twist drill bit.

Through the above understanding, we use twist drill bits not only according to different materials to choose, but also to mainly good maintenance work, more effective use.

Based on these requirements, SHOWIRK accessories are designed and developed to the fullest extent possible, using the most advanced technology and using technology and computer aided design in the development process. These modern designs, as well as subsequent test LABS and extensive field testing, provide a solid backing for dway products.

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