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Celebrate Milling Inserts Products to Public with Strong Partner

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Strong Cooperation between Strong Partners

 Milling Inserts APMT1135

Strong Partner

2019s, we BMR TOOL GROUP reached a strategic cooperation with Jiangsu Tiangong (TG International, Stock Code:00826) for the R&D and production of solid carbide rods, solid carbide end mill cutters and milling inserts. TG International is a famous Tool Steel and Mould Steel manufacturer in the world, we are very glad to cooperate with TG for the cemented carbide materials.

合作 握手-2-01

Strong Technology Research

In June,2022s, the first batch of cemented carbide rods have been produced, to providing a stable supply of raw materials for the production of solid carbide end mill cutters. At the same time, through the Tiangong CPMT (Center for Powder Metallurgy Technology) long time experiment and research, the milling insert also follows. It marks that our company has entered a new stage.

Strong Production Power

After 3 years work, our milling part now have raw materials production centermilling tools production center and coating center the whole production lines.

At present,our end mill cutter production center have more than 100 sets 5-axis CNC grinding machines, including 30 sets ANKAWalter imported grinding machines.

Strong Production Capacity

The capacity of carbide rods production center: 50 MT/Month

The capacity of carbide end mills:200,000 Pcs/Month

The capacity of milling inserts:500,000 Pcs/Month

BMR TOOLS is generated from Danyang Fifth Tools factory,which was founded at 1986s,famous power tools accessories manufacturer.



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