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How to make and work with diamond blade?

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How to make and work with diamond blade

In many places of life, when we repair and transform, we have to cut and polish, use the corresponding tools. When we cut stone, we will use the marble cutting blade, when we cut tile, we will use the turbo blade, when we cut the road, we will use the road cutting blade. when we grind the ground, we will use the grinding cup wheel,.

The following is the content of this article

Application and introduction of diamond saw blade

Composition and manufacture of diamond blades

How does a diamond blade work?

Application and introduction of diamond saw blade

Marble is a kind of stone that we often hear, do we use marble cutting blade to cut marble?

Cutting marble with diamond saw blade, diamond saw blade through the back cutting edge, diamond saw blade "cutting" marble, in fact, is the diamond will be ground into powder marble, so as to "cut" the marble.

Diamond saw blade is mainly composed of two parts; Matrix and tool head. The matrix is the main support part of the bonding tool head, and the tool head is the cutting part in the use process. It contains diamond, so the cutter head can cut.Diamond is the hardest material at present, and it cuts the processed object in the tool head by friction.

Composition and manufacture of diamond blades

Unlike diamond saw blades, how are diamond blades made?

Diamond blade consists of two parts: steel core and blade.

Its steel core is the supporting part. The core is usually a round, flat metal plate that supports the outer segment. Diamonds can be bonded to the core using vacuum brazing, or laser welding. As a pioneer in laser welding, BMR TOOLS continues to develop and refine laser welding technology. More radical applications of diamond saw blades involve wet-cutting harder materials to greater cutting depth using higher horsepower equipment. The steel core used for these aggressive applications is thicker, heat treated, precision ground and tension. The extra thickness and heat treatment enable the core to withstand the bending stress and higher horsepower of heavier equipment. Precision grinding on the surface minimizes drag, while tension establishes blade flatness over a specific speed range.

How does a diamond blade work?

Diamond blades don't cut, they grind! Bare diamond crystals complete the grinding. A metal substrate or bond holds the diamond in place. Each exposed diamond has a "bonding tail" behind it that helps support the diamond. As the blade rotates over the material, the exposed surface of the diamond is ground into fine powder from the material cut into fine powder.

After thousands of cuts, the exposed diamond begins to crack and break. The matrix that holds the diamond is also beginning to wear away.

Eventually, the diamond breaks completely and the pieces are swept away by the material being ground.

As the diamond wears and breaks, controlled erosion of the metal complex containing the diamond exposes new sharp diamond spots. This cycle of erosion and exposure continues until all the diamond and metal-bonded parts of the section are gone. Once the cutting part is used, the blade is no longer ground and the operator knows to use a new blade.

With the above understanding of the diamond saw blade manufacturing process and how it works, BMR TOOLS delves into user needs, designs and develops on a maximum scale, uses the most advanced technology, and employs technology and computer-aided design in the development process. These modern designs, as well as subsequent test LABS and extensive field testing, provide a solid backing for the products of BMR TOOLS.

BMR TOOLS is generated from Danyang Fifth Tools factory,which was founded at 1986s,famous power tools accessories manufacturer.



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