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The information of Cold Saw Blades

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The information of Cold Saw Blades

Cold Saw 

What is Cold Saw Blade?

Metal Cold Saw Blade is the abbreviation of metal circular sawing process. English full name: Circular Cold Sawing Blade. In the process of metal sawing, the heat generated by the saw blade sawing the workpiece is transferred to the sawdust through the sawtooth, and the sawed workpiece and the saw blade are kept cool, hence the name Cold Saw Blade.

Advantages of Cold Saw Blade:

1. The sawing speed is fast, the cutting efficiency is optimized, and the work efficiency is high; the deflection of the saw blade is low, and the section of the sawed steel pipe is free of burrs, which improves the sawing accuracy of the workpiece and maximizes the service life of the saw blade.

2. The sawing method of cold milling is adopted. The sawing process generates very little heat, which avoids the change of internal stress and material structure at the cut section. At the same time, the saw blade has a small pressure on the steel pipe, which will not cause the pipe wall orifice deformed.

3. The service life is long. The saw blade grinding machine can be used to grind the teeth for many times. The service life of the polished saw blade is the same as that of the new saw blade. Improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

Features of Cold Saw Blades

The Cold Saw Blade round speed is lower than normal steel cutting blade.Suitable for sawing large-sized workpieces; the diameter of the saw blade can reach 800 mm. The life of the saw blade is generally about 8 square meters, the teeth can be resharpen 5-10 times.

SHOWIRK Cold Saw Blade

Using imported ceramic alloys from Japan Mitsubishi and Swedish Sandvik, the body material is imported SKS-51 alloy tool steel, combined with precision equipment, our cold saw blades are mainly used in carbon steel, high-speed steel and stainless steel, the cutting cost is much lower than that of ordinary iron-cutting saw blades.

Cold Saw Blade Production

If you are interested in our cold saw blade, please contact us, we will meet your needs with sincere service.


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