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The information you may interested in Step Drills

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What is a step drill?

Step drill, also known as pagoda drill, is mainly used for drilling thin steel plates within 3mm. One drill bit can be used instead of multiple drill bits. It can process holes of different diameters according to needs, and can realize the processing of large holes at one time without replacement. Drill bits and drilling pilot holes, etc.

The step drill is a drill bit that integrates the functions of drilling, reaming and chamfering, and realizes the multi-purpose function of one drill.

Classification of step drills

According to the flute of the step drills, it can be divided into two categories: straight flute, spiral flute;

According to the number of cutting edge, it can be divided into double-edged and three-edged step drills

Step drills are normally of the national standard, and most of them are custom-made non-standard in daily industrial use. Generally, the manufacturers can produce non-standard step drills according to the drawings.

step drills

Manufacture Processing

At present, the overall step drill is made of CBN full grinding, and the material is mainly high-speed steel, solid carbide, etc., and the processing accuracy is high. According to the different processing conditions, surface coating can be applied to prolong the service life of the tool and enhance the durability of the tool.


The step drills can be used in automobile processing, aerospace, sheet metal processing, electrical installation and maintenance and other industries. At the same time, the products are easy to carry and can be used for high-altitude operations with hand drills and other tools.

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