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The information you must konw of Annular Cutter

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What is Annular Cutter

Annular Cutter (also known as core drill, steel plate drill, hole drill), its standard name is multi-cut tip steel plate drill. It adopts the form of multi-cut tip annular cutting.

Annular Cutter

Why Choose Annular Cutter

The drill only cuts the outer diameter of the hole, without cutting the middle part, which greatly improves the drilling efficiency. Combined with the magnetic drilling machine, etc., the drilling operation can be realized at any working environment., Compared with ordinary twist drills, the efficiency is higher, and the cutting is easier. Drilling diameters range from 12mm to 150mm, and depths are 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm,etc

The Category of Annular Cutter

There are two main categories of multi-cut tip steel plate drills from the material: one is HSS (High Speed Steel) , and the other is TCT (Tungsten Solid Carbide).

HSS Annular Cutter have good stability and regrindability, and are currently the main application series.

Annular Cutter supplier

TCT Annular Cutter have high cutting speed and can complete drilling operations for complex materials.

annular cutter manufacturer

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