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What Extrusion Carbide Rods used for?

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BMR TOOLS forcused on providing the fully service of cutting&milling tools to customers,we cooperated with TG International to produce the Extrusion Tungsten Solid Carbide Rods and at June,2022s,our first Carbide Rods were produced to the carbide tools markets.

What is Carbide Rods?

Carbide rods, also known as tungsten solid carbide rod. It is one kind of hard alloy tungsten steel (WC) as the main raw material, with other precious metals and paste phases through powder metallurgy. High hardness and high strength alloy material produced by pressing and sintering by 1200℃.

Solid Carbide Rods Sintering Furnace

What is Carbide Rods used for?

The main features of carbide rods are stable mechanical properties, easy welding, high wear resistance and high impact resistance. Carbide rods are mainly suitable for Drills, Milling cutters, Reamers. It can also be used for cutting, punching and measuring tools. Widely used in the field of national production and processing. For example: micro-drills in the PCB industry, light Electrode rods in the telecommunication industry, Carbide drill bits, Drill shanks, Push rods, wear-resistant precision parts in the machining industry,Carbide rods are the first choice for integral CNC milling tools and hole machining tools.

Carbide Cutting Tools

BMR TOOLS is generated from Danyang Fifth Tools factory,which was founded at 1986s,famous power tools accessories manufacturer.



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