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What kind of drill should be used for wood drilling?

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Wood drill bits produced by SHOWIRK are used to cooperate with carpenters, tool material is generally general high speed steel. There is a small sharp point in the center of the drill tip, and the opposite Angle is relatively large, or even no Angle.

In terms of structural design, wood drill bits are usually three-pointed, high in the middle and low on both sides. Because the wood is soft, it drills faster, and the edges on both sides make the drill hole even and beautiful.

In processing technology, the edge of a wood drill bit has two blades, which are first cut and then removed by a flat blade in the middle.


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What drill bit is suitable for drilling holes in wood?

Application of wood drill bits


What drill bit is suitable for drilling holes in wood?

Carpenters use an electric drill to drill holes through wood. What drill bit is suitable for drilling holes in wood?

You can choose to drill a three-point drill, which has a relatively high hardness and can drill directly in the wood material. In addition, you can choose a wood flat drill bit, which is more suitable for drilling in the wood, or choose an auger bit, which has a very strong drilling ability.

Some carpenters also use wood flat drill bits, which are more suitable for drilling in carpentry or furniture, and the edge of the hole is very smooth, which is also used by many professional carpenters. All in all, these bits are suitable for drilling on wood without damaging the bit and achieving the purpose of drilling.


Application of wood drill bits

When drilling with wood pins, a fulcrum bit is used. These wood drill bits have a pointed center with two spurs on each side of the bit. This design uses smooth sides to drill very straight holes. Commonly referred to as a pin drill, this type of wood drill bit should only be used for wood or soft plastics.

Note that wood drill bits are not suitable for drilling steel and will quickly become blunt if used on any type of steel. They also break more easily than HSS bits. Wood drill bits are available in a variety of styles to suit different jobs. For example, when smooth straight holes are required, a straight tooth bit is used, while a brad point drill bit is used for wood that is easily split. Flat and auger bits are also available for a variety of timber drilling jobs.

Auger bits are commonly used in wood drilling for bulkheads and general wood applications. They have long, transparent grooves with a small screw at the end for drilling points without a guide hole. These bits are designed to pull the bit into the wood without putting undue pressure on the person. Some auger bits are also capable of drilling nails.

Wood flat drill bits are often used to drill large holes in wood. The bit has a sharp point in the center of the two planes, leaving a very flat bottom at the end of the hole. The disadvantage of this type of drill is that when the bit leaves the wood, the wood often shatters, leaving a very rough hole. When drilling deep or using large bits, these bits also require a very powerful bit motor.


Through the above we know that wood drill is widely used in our life. Due to the further study of the needs of users, SHOWIRK accessories design and development in the largest scope, using the most advanced technology, and used in the process of developing the technology and the computer aided design, the modern design and subsequent testing laboratory and field test is of great products provide a solid backing.

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