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Which Diamond Saw Blade is the right one for me?

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Which Diamond Saw Blade should be chosen in different application?

Diamond Saw Blade

The Diamond Saw Blade is widely use tools when we need to cut Concrete, Granite, Marble, Ceramic, Brick, Stone, Asphalt, Road and some other stone work.But sometimes, we may found the same diamond saw blade have different performance during cutting different materials.It doesn’t means the diamond saw blade is not good, just because you haven’t choose right blade to cut.


As we known, the diamond saw blade have different types.How to know which is the right one we should use?Here have some introduce from BMR TOOLS Diamond Saw Blades.

1. Dry Cut Diamond Saw Blade.

Segment Saw Blade

The Dry Cut Saw Blade, also called Segment Saw Blade. It is mainly used to cut Marble, Granite, Concrete, Brick and Stone.

2. Wet Cut Diamond Saw Blade. 


The Wet Cut Saw Blade, also called Continuous Rim Saw Blade. The Application is same as Segment Saw Blade

3. Turbo Saw Blade.

Turbo Saw Blade   Thin Turbo Saw Blade

The Turbo Saw Blades also have Thin Turbo Saw Blades and Ultra Thin Turbo Saw Blades.

The Turbo Saw Blades and Thin Turbo Saw Blades have widely usage.

The Ultra Thin Turbo Saw Blades mainly used to cut Ceramic. The advantage is the kerf thick only 1.2mm, zero chipping, and cutting life is longer.

4. Wall Cut Segment Saw Blade.

Wall Cut Saw Blade

This type is specially designed for the Wall Cut. The advantage for this type is the segment height is taller (14mm segment height)


The above types are mostly used for every family or DIY Amateur.


The 1-3 items have cold press and hot press production process.

The difference is the hot press item will be more wear-resistance, more working life than cold press, of course the price will also be higher than cold press.


Hope you can get little help from BMR TOOLS when you confused to choose Diamond Saw Blades.

BMR TOOLS is generated from Danyang Fifth Tools factory,which was founded at 1986s,famous power tools accessories manufacturer.



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